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Suri Cruise pays for her own lunch

Little Suri Cruise has used her own money to pay for lunch.

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was spotted waving a $5 bill during a trip to her favourite Beverly Hills bakery.

The four-year-old was visiting Le Pain Quotidien with mum Katie over the weekend for lunch.

And when it came time to pay, Suri whipped out her own $5 bill and paid the waitress herself.

Suri, wearing her treasured fuzzy pink pig slippers and a matching dress, was seen laughing as she held onto the money and seemed in high spirits as mum Katie carried her out of the diner on their way home.

Katie, 31, who wore a pair of flared jeans with rips on them and a black vest with a floral design along the bottom, was accompanied by Tom Cruise’s sister Anne on the family trip.

Last month Suri celebrated her fourth birthday and her parents threw a suitably extravagant party for their daughter.

Suri Cruise-Starbucks


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Tom Cruise Chose Katie Holmes 4th


How desparate do you have to be to audition a wife? Apparently Tom Cruise stooped that low before he wed Katie Holmes.

According to former Scientologist Marc Headley, who used to create films for the whacky religion, Tom had trouble meeting women after his split with Penelope Cruz. So, Tom’s closest friend David Miscavige devised a scheme to get some of Hollywood’s leading ladies in. A casting call was sent out saying, “There’s an upcoming Tom Cruise movie you might get a part in. Come for an audition.” The requirements? She had to be single, pretty, and in her twenties.

So, Tom refused the female Scientologists like Erika Christensen and Sofia Milos. They weren’t star enough. Instead, he wanted Jennifer Garner, then Scarlett Johansson, and finally Jessica Alba. After Jen and Jess refused, Scarlett was freaked out by the religion. Finally, Katie “audtioned”, and she won the part.

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