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Simon Talks about Clay Aiken

Simon Cowell talked to Extra about the very obvious news that Clay Aiken is gay:
“Wow, that’s a shock. It’s like being told Santa Clause isn’t real — unbelievable.”

Of course Simon had to be sarcastic! But then he softened and encouraged Aiken by saying “Good for him. If he said it, it’s the right thing for him. Good for him.”

As for how Aiken’s fans will react, Cowell opined, “I don’t think anyone cares. Let’s face it. It’s 2008. You know, who cares?”
SANTA CLAUS ISN’T REAL? Oh no! There goes my Christmas. And FYI Simon, people do still care if you’re gay.


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Akon Smacks It!

Posted by Candace
23Sep 08

A new video has surfaced featuring Akon and his girl-smacking concert in Guyana. The singer’s people claim that the footage tells a much different story that the shorter, edited version that’s been heating up the blogs recently. The longer version shows what happens directly after Akon nails two women who got too close to the singer. If you’ve seen the shorter version, you know that it cuts off right after the whacking. I’m not sure if it completely vindicates the guy but you can check out the new video and judge for yourself. I doubt hitting a woman can be forgiven easily though.

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The Jonas Brothers team up with Demi Lovato

The Jonas Brothers team up with Demi Lovato once again to shoot some stills for an album cover while in London recently. The photo op was done after the band of brothers paid a visit to Radio 1 to talk about the jokes that 2008 MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand made about them. For the record, the brothers responded with a lot of grace and did not have anything negative to say about the comedian despite his not so savvy jokes. After their visit to Radio 1, the brothers had a bit of fun mixed with work as they met up with Demi for their photo shoot. The shoot took place around Soho and the World Famous ‘Eros’ Statue.

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Kim Kardashian wants to fit in size 27 pants

The biggest, yet sweetest ass in the entertainment industry belongs to the beautiful Kim Kardashian and she is definitely proud of it, but now she wants to reduce it.

The gorgeous Kim, who is well-known for her sex tape with fellow singer Ray J, is trying to reduce her colossal curves.

The American actress, singer, stylist, model and television personality Kim Kardashian is trying to tone her body by classy moves on the dance floor while preparing for her performance in one of the most-popular dance competitions – “Dancing with the Stars”.

She has expressed her desire to fit into a size 27 pants by reducing her much talkedabout butt.

I love her bums dudes. Do you want that Kim Kardashian should reduce her ass cheeks or you also like her with big bums?

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